Lindsay Brazell

Music Educator and Creative Professional

Why You Need Alumni Relationships

Staying in touch with your alumni is more than extra Facebook friends, folks. You never know what they could end up doing for your students, for you, or for your choral program and school community.

The Real Job of the Student Leader

When I returned to the student life after being a working educator for 3 years, I became overly aware of my peers, particularly the ones who are pre-service teachers. I recalled what it was like being in their position, a graduate assistant with responsibilities in our choral program in addition to the coursework and rehearsals I had as a student. While I may have been older than some and had a little more life experience, I felt as if I were able to watch my peers and immediately discern whether they would be successful in the classroom or not.

Feeling Like Me Again

Have you ever had a hobby or activity that you used to do almost every day, or to some amount of high frequency, and then at some point in your life you found yourself almost never doing it? That was me with songwriting for about the last 3-5 years.

After Your Students, These Are The People You Want To Motivate

The other night I participated in a Twitter chat, #TeachSC, a weekly chat between educators of all backgrounds and fields in the state of South Carolina. Now that I live here again, and most importantly, am in the same time zone, I decided to join the conversation to keep my teacher hat out of the […]

6 Tricks To Not Have Your Music Appreciation Students Hate You

Teaching Music Appreciation, regardless of grade level, can be a daunting task. Or for some, it may feel like a punishment. If your first time teaching the course is upon you, you may have similar sentiments to mine when I was assigned to teach it: “This could be really fun!” 

Then, of course, 3 weeks in you are like, “This is the absolute worst. These students hate music and me and probably all things in the world.” 

The Importance of Musical Involvement Outside the Classroom: A Student View

This is a guest post by Bradi Flynt, a current music education major at the University of Southern Mississippi.    I am a 21-year-old student currently pursuing a Bachelors in Choral Music Education.  I’ve been involved in choral music since I was seven years old, having been under the direction of numerous instructors, musicians, and […]

New Year, New You! Setting Goals for You and Your Students

Happy New Year to you all!

If you are like me, you love a fresh start, whether it be a new school year, new semester, new house, new notebook (be still my heart)…there’s nothing more refreshing to me! The new year brings opportunities to make some changes, set some goals, and create a blank slate.

Back Home We Go!

The rumors are true…we are coming back to South Carolina!

Ok, so maybe there were not any actual rumors, but it’s still true! 

A Recipe For Assessing Sight Singing Without Losing Rehearsal Time

Ah, sight-singing. One of my favorite skills to teach, and the best superpower I can bestow upon my students! If anyone is wondering, solfege is definitely my love language. First, let me say that if you are not teaching sight reading skills to your singers, you need to change that immediately. And I don’t just […]

Help Your Students Create Their Future

I think Abe was on to something when he said this! Sure, we cannot fully predict our futures and we cannot completely prepare, but there is some truth to this statement, especially in the world of education.