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Already brainstorming some changes for next year! Gotta keep things fresh! To quote Bridesmaids, “I think if we are growing, we are changing.” #bulletjournal #choraldirector #LBdotcom on Instagram:

One Month Of Using A Bullet Journal

In my recent posts, I’ve talked a lot of about productivity apps and various online resources. I love technology, specifically mobile technology. Having the ability to access my personal calendar, to-dos, photos, and documents on several devices is probably what...

Your iPhone Does More Than Snapchat

I am a huge productivity app nerd, and I fully admit it! I love trying new apps on my phone and seeing how I can incorporate them into my personal and professional life. Sometimes they aren’t a good fit, but some have become a part of my every day. Below is a...

From the Instagram:

Music teachers need creative outlets too! While there are certainly days where I wish I was the musician or the composer after work, I am perfectly fine being the chef! The topping for the chicken came from this little recipe here: We had it on...

Surviving March: 4 Ways I Stayed Healthy and Sane

At the beginning of March I posted a sign on our classroom door that said, “WELCOME TO MARCH MADNESS, AND NO, WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT BASKETBALL!” Every major event in our choir world happened in March, which at the beginning of the semester I jokingly described how...

The Similarities Between Educators and SNL Cast Members

I always joke with people saying, “If teaching doesn’t work out, my back-up job is a cast member on Saturday Night Live.” It’s a bit unrealistic and fantastical, especially since I’m not very good at memorizing lines and you know, the whole not having prepared for a...