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Instagram Photo of the Day

Finally a day where I come home from work at a normal hour and can spend time in this spot. I haven’t done anything remotely creative in a month, and starting some new music this evening has boosted my spirits. Would love to have enough material to do a second...

My Top 3 Favorite Piano Resources

[Photo Credit:] I have been teaching piano privately for several years, and have recently been teaching a semester-long elective piano class at my school. Both environments have their advantages and disadvantages, but I...

Instagram Photo of the Day

My favorite way to go to work…jeans and TOMS! I get that jeans are slightly unprofessional, but sometimes I think I do my best work in them. And I think it’s important for students to see you are a normal human with real-people clothes, and that you are...

Review –

If you teach private lessons or a class piano/guitar course at your school, there is often the flexibility to explore your own resources to teach your curriculum. Or on the contrary, maybe you feel like you need to make your own resources because your budget...

Insta-Post of the Day

Starting a little something for my blog: Instagram post of the day, or as I am hashtagging it, #ipod. Clever right? I found this in my desk yesterday when I was doing All County Choir auditions. I completely forgot that I had it, and immediately smiled when I opened...

5 Reasons Why Performance-Based Fundraisers Succeed

Our choral department just put on our second Coffee House fundraiser, an event I adapted from my student teaching experience. We basically clear out the choir room and transform it into an intimate, coffee house setting. It has become one of the students’...