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What I Have Been Doing Instead Of Updating My Blog

Hello, you loyal-but-kind-of-forgot-you-were-a-loyal-reader readers, I know you were really excited about my blog, I was too. I still am. I have just been busy. Sort of. The last time I wrote I was on my way into the lowest depression of my life: Post Wisdom Teeth...

November Music Education Blog Carnival!

Welcome to the November Music Education Blog Carnival! A music education blog carnival is a monthly post that links to several new music education blog posts across the web. November’s edition features a sampling of blog posts published in October 2014.  ...

Submissions for November Music Education Blog Carnival

Greetings, Music Ed folk! It’s time to send your submissions for the November Blog Carnival which will be hosted right here! Wait! Some answers to your questions… 1. What’s the Music Education Blog Carnival? It’s a monthly publication hosted...

Wisdom Teeth Wisdom

It was always a dream of mine to never get my wisdom teeth out and that they would stay in my mouth forever, problem-free. Unfortunately, those dreams were crushed on Monday when I visited the dentist in quite a bit of pain. Teachers had to be back to work on...

Stop, Drop, and Delegate!

As I approach my second year of teaching, I am constantly adding to my “Things To Do Differently Next Year” list. Reflection is such an important part of teaching, and I find it much easier to reflect and ponder my year over the summer as I bask in the sun rather than...

Wedding Hype

Isn’t it great that I still care about my loyal readers while I’m on my honeymoon? Actually, I wrote this a week ago and scheduled the post to appear today, because I’m that much of a blog ninja. I’m probably sitting in the sun drinking a...